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Q. How Dar Al Majd International School is different from other schools ?
A. Dar Al Majd International School is different from other schools for the following reasons.

DAMIS follows the XSEED curriculum along with Islamic curriculum and provides excellence in academic and non-academic activities so as to mould a child into a wholesome personality. The School is committed at providing a unique education palette that facilitates original methodologies to promote learning with an activity focused curriculum that is designed to bring out critical thinking, it is our constant endeavor to make education increasingly child-friendly and applicability based.

We are committed at infusing our students with the qualities and skills necessary to become poised and independent individuals prepared for the responsibilities of adult life and their own well-being within the preview of righteousness. Therefore we have adopted original learning methodologies wherein we teach students various concepts and life skill principles in the playground as they play. In simple words we bring the playground into the classroom or the vice versa. Through these efforts we establish high self-esteem in a caring and cooperative environment in order to nurture fine sensibilities that help our students develop the capability to assess, analyze a situation and make the finest decision. It is exactly these skills that differentiate our methodology from most others, thus empowering children to be a leader right from a young age.

Q. Where is Dar Al Majd International School (DAMIS) located?
A. Dar al Majd International School is located in HaiNuzlaSharqia away from the din and bustle of the city in the neighbourhood of Nuzla Yamania. Overall it is well within Jeddah city and easily accessible within a radius of 10 kilometers.

Q. When do admissions begin?
A. Admissions begin from January every year and go all the way up to 30th of May every year. However, the closing date can vary based on the availability of seats.

Q. How can I get an admission?
A. DAMIS admission process is simple and transparent. We believe that every child is special and has a unique distinctive character. Therefore, we place great emphasis at assessing the child along with his/ her parents or authorized guardians.

Q. What is the typical admission assessment like?
A. We do not hold interviews, however, we do meet with the parents/ guardians and the family to have an interaction. Our faculty along with our certified student counselor is able to understand each child's strength and provide any important inputs about the child so that we could nurture the child's strength and help them overcome their weakness. Furthermore an interaction with the parents/ authorized guardians permits us to understand them, their educational background, enthusiasm in terms of being active in the child's development and what they intend for their children.

Q. What are the admissions criteria?
A. Dar Al Majd International School is very passionate about making in a positive difference in the lives of the children that take admissions at DAMIS. Therefore, we look forward to parents and a family that subscribe to our thought processes and approach towards education. We give preference to siblings, children who live in proximity to the school, and those who have a passion for excellence.

Q. What is the age for admission?
A. Age limit of the child for admission to the following classes is as follows:

  • Nursery (2.9 yrs - 3.8 yrs)
  • LKG (3.9 yrs - 4.8 yrs)
  • UKG (4.9 yrs - 5.8 yrs)
  • Grades 1 (5.9 yrs - 6.8 yrs)

Q. What are the school timings?
A. School timings as Follows:

  • Nursery (2.9 yrs - 3.8 yrs)
  • Grades (7:30 a.m to 2:00 p.m)