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One of the greatest contributions parents can make to a child’s education is to ensure that they are read to and that they are reading. Please try and ensure that this happens on a daily basis. Provide quality books for your child at home or have them borrow from our Library/ Resource room. Research indicates that children who develop good reading habits early in life go on to achieve at higher levels than those who do not. A child becomes a better reader only if he / she READS, READS, READS! We cannot emphasize enough the importance of parental involvement in this area.

Please insist that your child bring all correspondence home.
Communication With Your Child's Teachers

Communication between the home and the school is extremely important. Teachers are encouraged to make contact with the home with the good and the not-so-good news. Please do not hesitate to call your child’s teacher if you have a concern, or you need to ask a question. If necessary, an appointment can be set up at any time throughout the school year. You do not have to wait for scheduled Parent-Teacher Nights. To ensure that parents are aware of events happening at the school, we send out a calendar and newsletter at the start of each term. We also send out memos when they are needed.

Parent-Teacher Meetings/Open House

Parent-Teacher meetings are usually held in April (orientation night), June, October, and February (student-led conference). The exact dates will be communicated to you when decided upon. At the first progress report (June), we would like to see all parents. For the October report session, we only schedule appointments for parents if there are concerns that need to be addressed. Of course, parents can request an appointment with a teacher, if one has not already been set up. These meetings plays a pivotal role in making decisions from time to time regarding the welfare of the school. It facilitates closer association between parents and teachers in their effort to make the school an ideal place for the all-round education of children. It also offers parents a platform to express their views freely and frankly, thereby involving them in a process of mutual participation aimed at the welfare of the children studying in the school.

Rules And Regulations

The students and parents will have to comply with all the school rules, which will be in force from time to time.