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Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum

“Our Kindergarten aims to nurture each child’s potential, through love, care and encouragement.”

Kindergarten is a very exciting transition in shaping you child’s attitude toward future academics. The goal is to teach by promoting enthusiasm, curiosity, activity and interaction. We focus on the development of the whole child and foster self-confidence, independence, and communication. DAMIS Kindergarten provides a rich variety of developmentally appropriate experiences that meet the interests and needs of each student. The extended day program offers flexible schedules, with up to 4 hours per day. Teachers promote self- and exploration, creative activity planning, and problem solving activities.

Starting with self-esteem, the individualized program gives your child everything possible to ensure that they confidence and encourage your child to become part of a community of active learners through discovery graduate from Kindergarten having achieved the following:

  • It is most important that your child feels good about him/herself
  • Your child is excited, enthusiastic, curious, and ready to take the next step in future academics
  • Your child can communicate with peers and teachers, and is not afraid to ask questions
  • Your child will feel empowered to grow and learn, having seen that practice helps them improve

In general, students graduate from DAMIS Kindergarten reading, writing and doing math at a first grade level and often higher.

Whether it is learning about science through gardening, running a coin exchange at the shop, or running around in the fresh air, Kindergarteners are always busy! The full day program has the privilege of devoting efficient instructional time in all curriculum areas, as well as incorporating enrichment activities into weekly themes. Lesson plans and educational goals are built according to the CBSE framework. Your child will build development of cognitive, fine and large motor skills, and social/emotional skills. The comprehensive curriculum focuses on:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • History & Social Sciences
  • Health
  • Creative Arts

We believe that children learn best by participating in their education:

  • A large part of learning takes place through hands-on activities; students read moral stories and then individually illustrate their contributions to the story for publication.
  • We imitate real life experiences so children are actively involved in their learning – playing store helps children understand the concept of money.
  • Students enhance understanding by making connections between concepts learned in the classroom and experiences outside the classroom.
  • When children are encouraged to communicate their experiences through writing, they become directly meaningful.

The development of personal and interpersonal skills is an important part of education, at all ages and especially in Kindergarten. We aim to build self-confidence and develop a sense of self through sharing, resolving conflicts and tolerating others, decision-making, and cooperative learning.